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Yea get ready for the explosion at camp… Al takes Connor’s death pretty hard. And is pretty hard on the Warden for it too, if I remember right.

Well, that’s how it should be. I’m not sure I’m…

Its worth it to see it just once. Valentine really delivers on the anger. I did it my very first to!e by accident, really. I really thought that the circle wasn’t an option because I’d run out of time.

I forgot about how relative time was in RPGs,heh.

And when in doubt, there’s always a reload!p

Hey there, new warden.

Clarissa Cousland.  I need the Rogue talents achievement, so guess what girly, I’m tagging you.

I found some mods I don’t hate.  So far… ERMERGERD LOOKATDAT GREY WARDEN ARMERRRRRRR.

I ended up installing Improved Atmospheres and a few other minor mods.   Nothing big and fancy.  Leliana won’t know what’s coming for her. (I don’t have a serious headcanon for Lel, so here’s my attempt at making one.)

Though I did get an Alistair kiss mod… must, resist, urg, to use….

Not for Clarissa.  She’s gonna be Leli’s.  But I may have to make another Amell, maybe a Surena, for Al to smooch.


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