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Hrm, so…



Does this mean that he really isn’t going to be a romance option?

Cassandra is a confirmed love interest. Is Varric?

I’d better not answer that because if I do, David Gaider, the lead writer, will punch me in the face. So I can’t answer that.

I know the answer, but I’m sorry guys. Let’s put it this way: Varric loves his crossbow so much… So I don’t know whether Varric would be able to let go of his love of Bianca.


Finding it odd (and frustrating, tbh) why Lee can’t just give a clear 'No.' if he’s not an LI; We’re big girls and boys, Varric fans won’t cancel their pre-orders over this, we’ll live. We get it, stacks of factors are against him; From his race to height to MANDATORY BRO to his unending devotion to Bianca (though the implication that people with lost love can’t be allowed to move on at all without it trivializing the past relationship leaves a little bad taste in the mouth, to say the least). To be asked this directly and still being pussyfooting & coy about it is getting really old.

Unless they’re not willing to lay down the cards regarding this if they’re trying something unconventional this time round:

PC Gamer: I read, recently, I think it was something that came out of PAX about diversifying the types of romantic relationship in the game. I was going to ask if some of that thinking also applies to friendship as well because obviously it’s a type of relationship that people have with the companions that’s not necessarily binary.

Mark Darrah: Friendship I think is … I think we’ve become trapped by that, the word romance. I think friendship is … I actually regret that in Dragon Age 2 we didn’t have essentially that kind of bromance with Varric. He’s not a romance, but he’s, you can hang out with him and be your bud and have that same kind of depth. Some of our, what we would traditionally call romances in Dragon Age: Inquisition are falling more  into that camp where they’re not … they’re more in that friendship area.


We’ll see where this goes.

Yea, I hope that they’re just going with the new approach on this.  Drawing a parallel to ME3,  it was irksome that we didn’t find out about Joker being not romanceable until launch, despite the fan interest.  Seriously hoping for not another ‘Joker’. : /

I’m very interested in the awesome friendship that might hint/be something more.  In theory it sounds great.  Can’t wait to play the flippin’ game…








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i want to see if this will break the notes

Breaking Down The Latest Dragon Age: Inquisition Trailer


I highly recommend everyone to read this! Lots of good and new information in there.

Oh man…

Not only are thousands of people killed – they are thousands of important people. The blast accompanying the breach’s opening occurs during peace talks between the mages and the Chantry, so it takes out some key players. 

Bye bye Justine?  Maybe even Fiona?

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