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actually-prince-sheogorath asked:

Dragon Age

❤ Favorite Male:  Sebastian Vael - There’s so much of his story we never really got to see, especially because his character was just plunked in and out so quickly.  I also like the two sides of his personality, just in general with most of the DA2 companions, but especially Sebastian.  There’s a side you wouldn’t expect from what presents… and come on.  Dat accent.

❤ Favorite Female:  This is a tie between Aveline and Isabela.  Isa is so fantastically gives-no-fucks-what-you-think and fun.  She’s got a good heart, and is a fucking pirate!  I love pirates.  Aveline is amazing because she’s also bad ass, but kind of like that older sister way…. I wasn’t sad that you couldn’t romance Ave because watching her fumble through romancing Donnic was quite possibly the most fun I had with that game.  And bringing Isa every step of the way made it even more precious.

❤ Favorite Pairing: PC wise: Hawke/Sebastian or Hawke/Sebastian/Cullen… which is mostly in my head, but hey, that’s what makes the game so fun. :3  Though I love the sparkle of romance hinted at with Carver and Merrill, and Isa/Fenris.  

❤ Least Favorite Character:  Oghren.  I know, I know, he’s voiced by the amazing Blum, but I just… I never liked the stereotypical dwarf.  He was the most meh I got for a character.  Same with Sten, though I at first found his arrogance of the Qun ridiculously annoying (especially when you’re the sarcastic Warden) but eventually Sten rounded out for me.  He’s not a fav, but Oghren wins the least fav companion.

❤ who’s most like me:  Bethany.  I’m technically the oldest when it comes to my brother and I, but other than the big sister hovering, I can see a good chunk of her personality in mine.

❤ most attractive: Honestly, three way tie between Alistair, Sebastian and Fenris.  They’re all good looking.  

❤ three more characters that I like:  Though I haven’t played Awakening as much, I love Sigrun!  She’s probably the one dwarf I’ve come across I don’t feel meh about, and if fanon is to be trusted, the fact that she’s got a thing for Nathaniel MAKES HER EVEN MORE PRECIOUS.  I dunno.  I like Carver, but rarely got to see him in play.  Mostly because I play Warriors.  And I love Morrigan.  Claudia’s hands down on of my favorite VA’s, and I like taking the friend path with Morrigan. 

I’m adding an extra here - character you started out not liking that you warmed to: I went from hating Zevran in my first play through because of his skeevy come ons and, well, he did just try to kill me, to giving his romance a shot and actually really liking him.  His Warden was my Dalish who ended up making the Ultimate Sacrifice though, but the epilogue cards for that tore at my heart strings something fierce.

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