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it’s all but impossible to not think of Farscape

#okay let’s talk for a minute about these three #whenever they have scenes together it’s magical #vala as everyone’s little sister and cam as everyone’s older brother #(except for sam because let’s be honest she’s the actual SG-1 oldest child) #(and possibly the only adult left) #vala and cam united in new kid solidarity #cam only pretends to be annoyed by vala #she amuses the hell out of him #and he is the good-natured leader she has never known #who allows just the right amount of latitude aka a lot #not to mention that cam is totally vala’s wingman #and she returns the favor #but actually cam ships daniel and vala so much it’s hilarious #and daniel oh daniel #dealing with cam being the guy who touches things he shouldn’t #when daniel used to be that guy #and vala is the watson to daniel’s holmes #vala thinks so far out of daniel’s box it’s glorious #and cam’s like okay the rest of us will hold down the fort and fix and shoot things #until you two finish dealing with your ridiculous almost parallel cosmic destinies #after this mission we’re watching a movie though #and the three of them are such little shits together #shits who get shit done

"Pegasus Project" 10x3 Stargate SG-1



cookiesdfg replied to your post: okay yes cullen and dorian and cole an…

I’m still crying.

it seems like blackwall is the one the devs forgot, not cole >_>

You know I’ve been wondering, we’ve seen a lot of the beginning stuff in the game, I get this sneaky feeling Blackwall might be one of those companions that’s a later edition?  (I could be misremembering if he’s been in one of the streams yet…)





okay but think about this: dorian isn’t just a mage but a mage from tevinter and a former apprentice to a magister and yet cullen is still sitting down and playing chess/w/e with him and can relax and make jokes and holy shit we’ve come a long way from “i hope your compassion hasn’t doomed us all” and ”mages cannot be treated like people” and “perhaps it’s best to keep our enemies close”


well in all honesty

going from distrusting mages to tolerating mages isn’t that big of a leap in character

it’s hard to pat him on the back for playing nice with Dorian without acting wild

Okay but if you’re going to point that out how about also mentioning that a good chunk (if not all) his distrust towards mages at this point stems from suffering mentally, emotional and physical torture thanks to blood mages and demons? And how about mentioning that him chilling with Dorian isn’t the first sign of him working through his PTSD or his hatred of mages instilled into him but the chantry, considering he helps defend the innocent circle mages in da:2 and also knowingly lets Anders operate his clinic?

Are we really going to ignore his character progression from da:o to da:2 by pretending the only actions of his that count are what he said while he was trapped in a demon bubble in the very first game, or what he said to Hawke who he’s literally just met in da:2? Is that what we’re doing?

Because honestly it kinda is a big deal that someone who was likely raised with preinstalled prejudices against mages (thanks to the chantry) and had those prejudices all but proven true to him perosnally in his lifetime happily put them aside to make nice and chill with a tevinter magister.

So. Y’know.



the-gold-finch replied to your post: So who else is writing Cullen x Inquis…

please I need a chess drabble that has escalating sexual tension and teasing through a very slow chess game and ends with sexually frustrated cullen wiping all the game board and pieces off the table and doing it with the inquisitor right there HELP


Oh good lord I need this like I nEED AIR

You know… it took me ‘till the end of the paragraph to realize they were talking about the Inquisitor and not Dorian…

*shifty eyes*

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